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One of the key aspects of Open Data is its adherence to the same principles as its philosophical sibling; Open Source.  The idea that more far reaching solutions come out from the free and open exchange of code and information than from a closed environment is not new (Jonas Salk and his polio vaccine comes to mind) as such it is only logical that we make available the code behind

The list below, gathered by Ckan and unashamedly copied by me here, provides you with details on how to obtain the code behind our data catalogue as well as links to instructions on how to configure and run Ckan.

Some of the other extensions used:


In the coming days we will work on releasing more information about the inner workings of the site and as we finalize some of our Drupal maintenance modules and integrations with Ckan and other technologies used by us, those as well.  We will also publish the latest code for our organogram tool, an RDF based visualisation of hierarchical structures. The linked data API used across the site can be found here



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