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UK INSPIRE Monitoring Report

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The INSPIRE Directive requires each EU Member State to submit an annual INSPIRE Monitoring Indicators Report.  Member States are also required to publish the monitoring report.  Every three years, from 2010 Member States must also submit a written report on how INSPIRE is being implemented to the EU.  These reports are due in May and report on activity to the end of the previous calendar year.


 2013 Monitoring Indicators Report

The 2012 UK Monitoring Indicators Report was delivered to the EC in May 2013 and also has been published on  This is the fourth annual report submitted by the UK.  The Monitoring Indicators Report provides consistent information from across the EU, on progress towards implementation and use of the INSPIRE infrastructure. The Monitoring Indicators Report measures progress against a series of 8 numerical indicators.

The UK’s 2012 report has been compiled from discovery metadata records published on in January 2013. This information was then verified and augmented with information including use of services, supplied by individual data providers.  Information in the report relating to Annex III data is the best available and gives a general indication of the range of data likely to be in scope. It does not represent a definitive list of Annex III datasets the UK will publish.  The Annex III information includes currently registered Annex III data and generalised information gathered by the Local Government Association who have surveyed their members typical INSPIRE data holdings.  

Overall the report shows a wide range of data is available through the INSPIRE infrastructure, including data across all 34 INSPIRE Themes.


  • Over 622 Annex I/II and 495 Annex III datasets are listed in the report, although these figure includes significant double counting, because datasets have to be listed in the report under each theme they relate to, so datasets relating to more than one theme are listed multiple times. 
  • 98% of Annex I/II datasets have a view service and 23% are available to download. Few view and download services are available for Annex III, although these services are not required until December this year. For more information see Getting Started guide 3 “ What Needs to Happen and When”.
  • Data on service use shows INSPIRE view services were accessed 227 million times in 2012.


2013 Member State report

The Member State report is a narrative account of how INSPIRE is being implemented in the UK and future plans to ensure full implementation.  It describes activity over the three previous calendar years 2010-2012 and gives an outline description of planned activity on INSPIRE for the next three years.

The report was compiled by the UK-INSPIRE team at Defra with contributions from and the agreement of the Devolved Administrations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Key stakeholders were invited to contribute.   The report sets out the very positive federated approach taken by the UK to work in collaboration across central, local and devolved government and with data providers in order to fully implement the INSPIRE Directive.

There is no requirement for Member States to publish the report .  The UK 2013 report can be read here.



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