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Discovering how data is published

Posted by: and , Posted on: - Categories: Data Infrastructure,, Government Data Programme is undergoing a discovery phase. We’re doing this because user feedback and our previous research suggests that it’s not easy to find and use data on the site.

We need to understand why this is. It's a big challenge and we can’t do it by ourselves, so we’re working with the registers team and our colleagues in data science literacy.

Conversations about data get technical very quickly and the needs of users often get lost. We need to work out how to put users first.

What we’ve done so far

There are two groups of users who interact with data on - publishers and those who use the data.

In order to understand the current state of data publication, we wanted to find out who publishes data, as well as what, how and why they publish. At the time of writing this blog post we’ve spoken to 45 people across government and mapped their publishing processes through a series of workshops and structured interviews.

What’s next

We’re currently analysing our research. We’ll be blogging about what we find.

The next phase of our discovery will focus on how users are finding and using data and what they need in order to do this.

If you would like to share your experience of using please complete our short survey.

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