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Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give us early feedback and comments on the public beta site. We've been heartened by the many messages of support, but you have also pointed to where we could make improvements.

Our developers have put in a number of quick improvements which we are releasing today. These include:

  • Search results display - pagination links now appear at the top of search result pages as well as at the bottom; allowing you to easily move between different pages.
  • Further standards compliance & accessibility work - those of you using Internet Explorer 6 should now find that a number of display issues have now been rectified.
  • RSS – the site feed is now active and can be imported into blogs and readers
  • Moving the community login form off the main navigation, to make it clearer that you can browse the site and use its data without any form of registration or login - just go ahead and do it.

We are also opening up the Community Account to new members. As of today users are now able to sign up and join the community. You can sign up as a community member and then submit contributions to the site discussion forum, wiki and comment across the site on blog posts, applications and ideas. There is a separate post about this at

We wanted to get these changes to you as soon as possible. We’ll be continuing to work on other feedback, such as improved browsing of datasets and hope to launch this and other items in the coming weeks. In the meantime please do keep feeding back to us, spreading the word about the project … and keep using the data!

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  1. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    "Many thanks to everyone who have taken the time to give us early feedback "......'everyone ', being a singular noun takes the singular form of the verb ie 'has taken', not have. What happened to Education, education, education?