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Over the election period we have been continuing our work behind the scenes based on your feedback, and we are launching a number of new features to which we hope improves the site for you.

With over 3,000 datasets now available on the site, a number of you have suggested that we needed to provide different ways into the information. We have upgraded the site to provide faceted search. This more advanced search gives you the ability to explore datasets in a number of ways. Filtering search results by nation, public body or tag lets you quickly drill down to the datasets that interest you. Give the new search a go at

We have also taken a look at how we can strengthen the community elements of the site. There is a new “history” tab on profiles that enables you to find other posts, comments and apps by that user. Not registered yet? Just visit to get started.

Finally, for those of you with an interest in Linked Data we have made some improvements to the RDFa mark-up included on individual datasets’ pages. This is still a work in progress and one of the areas we will be focusing on over the coming months, so if you have any comments please share them with us.

We are planning a number of events over the coming months so keep an eye on the site for more news updates. As always, please pass on any feedback via


  1. Comment by JRYOUNG posted on

    Hi there, the Googlegroups still seems to be fairly active. Is there a way we can migrate users of that mailing list to the forums facility on this site?

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      Comment by Anonymous posted on

      Hi, I would like to know that as well!

  2. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    Dept of BIS today announced that one of the savings they will make will be, "£18 million by stopping low priority projects like the Semantic web and the SME Adjudicator". Is it really in the power of BIS stop the entire Semantic Web? :-\

  3. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    I signed up for RSS feeds but I get about 10 feeds for EVERY subject. And when I have deleted the ones I don't want, they download AGAIN. I had to delete 180 messages today and this is happening almost every day. Am I the only one this is happening to? Can this be an update, NOT to receive the same RSS feeds over and over please?


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