Sites of interest - 24/02/11

Welcome to the first periodical round-up highlighting blogs, people and ideas that we think might be of interest to the community:

- Read about the recent case study which took place at the Central Office of Information as part of the recent Social Media Week

- The COINS dataset, published to has proved to be of great interest to many - find out more with's blog post about some of the development challenges around using this very large dataset.

- Jeni Tennison's blog post on “Getting Started with RDF and SPARQL Using Sesame and Python” explores the underlying structures and formats of linked data.

- Read AgendaNI's take on the project, with an emphasis on Northern Irish related data and apps on the site

- The Protection of Freedoms Bill includes a new Right to Data, which is discussed on the Cabinet Office's Digital Engagement blog.


  1. Anonymous

    Nice to find a list of appropriate links.


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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the interesesting sites I will be definatly taking a look at them, espicialy's blog post I think this would be of interest to many people! Great Post!


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