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Last year, before Christmas, we made available through observational and forecasting data from the Met Office. The interface and mechanism to access and download the data is in beta for the moment, as we are still learning how to best present this data and how to provide proper access to historical data as it mounts up. But we still feel it is a great step forward.

The weather data release was announced in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement in 2011 and adds yet more momentum and energy to the work we are doing.

The current solution to access the data was built in cooperation with Microsoft Azure cloud services and Dotnetsolutions and their work and dedication to get it done in record time is very much appreciated.

As we work in the coming months to finalize the new release of (of which we will be saying more in the coming weeks) we will be looking at usage of the weather data interface, number and frequency of downloads and feedback on ease of use in order to make the improvements required by those eager to use this data.


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  1. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    I wonder how this data will be used? Perhaps the data could be used for naval activities. Even better, it could be used in conjunction with other data, like 'Big Data' from the NHS that could show correlations between weather patterns or conditions and health issues. For example, correlations could be made between an increase in humidity and respitory problems?

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      Comment by Anonymous posted on

      Or indeeed a correlation between weather and traffic incidents. So roads can be colour coded for safety. In the rain this road is amber for example. I hope they offer the data to the public because freelancers would relish an opportunity to work with such data.