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On the same day we publish the Open Data White Paper and Open Data Strategies for all government Departments, we’re launching our collection of over one hundred case studies on how Open Data is being used.  Gathered from across the whole Open Data landscape, these case studies show some of the innovative products, services and networks created by the public, private and civil society sectors. 

We feature examples of the various datahubs and stores such as those run by local authorities in London and Manchester, but also others created by groups outside the public sector, such as OpenlyLocal, that make it easier access to related datasets. We have also picked out some of the local authorities that are going beyond the provision of spending data, including those which are combining the Open Data agenda with moves towards smaller, cheaper and more agile IT systems. For example, InfoTrafford and Windsor and Maidenhead DataTap show how cloud based applications can be built on-top of Open Data releases to allow more innovative and informative means of communication and engagement with the general public.  Local authorities like Hull City Council are exploring how Open Data can free data from closed, propriety information technology silos.

We have included examples of the many SME’s such as Geowise and Talis that are drawing on these new resources to develop the products and experience in providing data services and who are increasingly finding new markets overseas, showing that release of Open Data is generating jobs and growth.

We have also included the many cases of apps, both commercial products and prototypes that show some of the possibilities of proactive Open Data release.  Some of the innovative private sector applications draw on the recent release of transport data, allowing better journey planners, such as  BUSit; education data which is used by RM School Finder  to help people to find the right schools for their children; and health data which can be used to make products like FineFettle to help people find the best local GP.

Finally, we have cross-linked the case studies to show how the release of Open Data is creating a growing network effect between hobbyists, enthusiasts, SME start-ups and local authorities.  The case studies here have been largely based on our extensive engagement with this Open Data network.

Many of these case studies were gathered throughout our Consultation process last summer and some were published on our Open Data Innovation Community back in March, when we celebrated Open Data’s impact on economic growth with Digital Birmingham.  We want to keep crowdsourcing innovative examples what you’re doing with Open Data, as well as provide a place for the growing network of public data suppliers, intermediaries and end-users of data to exchange ideas about how government datasets can be used.  We look forward to working with you!

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    I have been impressed with the work, of the Transparency team in particular, in getting and keeping stakeholders involved in this. I've felt engaged throughout and I know many others running their own data-led businesses feel the same way. Well done with getting the case studies published.

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    The last thing one would expect from an OPEN data portal when trying to access the OPEN data case studies is to get the dreadful "Access DENIED. You are not AUTHORIZED to access this page"


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