Public Sector Linked Data Working Group

As many of you will have seen in the Open Data White Paper that it was highlighted that there are already significant moves in the UK for the use of and provision of data as Linked Data and this includes by many in the public sector.  The white paper (see Page 25) has a explicit commitment to set up a Public Sector Linked Data Working Group to share best practice, to help establish underpinning architectural requirements (including the Linked Data api), to promote benefits and to work closely with international groups.

We have brought together a quick start team who in the coming weeks will be drafting the terms of reference for the working group and we hope to also run an open conference for all those interested in being a part of working group to share experiences and to help support, forward and promote the work that is already happening in this area.

The quick start team includes:

Alex Coley - @alexrcoley

Bill Roberts - @billroberts

Charlotte Alldritt - @calldritt

Dave Reynolds - @der42

David Buck - @DavidBuckster

Hadley Beeman - @hadleybeeman

Jeni Tennison - @JeniT

Jeremy Tandy - @JeremyTandy

John Goodwin - @gothwin

John Sheridan - @johnlsheridan

Leigh Dodds - @ldodds

Romina Ahmad - @rominaayesha


So in summary: watch this space and follow the formation of the group via @UKGovLD


  1. Comment by jocul posted on

    Hello Alex,


    I heard that too, but do you know what quality standards will be for the Linked Data? I saw someone in the forums talking about ISO 8000.

  2. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    How is diversity data collected?

  3. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    Hi Alex,

    I was wondering when the Open Conference for the Public Sector Linked Data Working Group was going to be. It's a few months since the article was posted with no update. Thx.

  4. Comment by Anonymous posted on

    Is there a list of London Boroughs currently using some form of Linked Data?

  5. Comment by Jacobt posted on

    Your site is really very encouraging and helpful… i liked the complete concept and the way you have explained.


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