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The Open Data User Group is an independent advisory group to government, championing the needs of open data users. It highlights public sector data with real potential to bring social and economic benefit and works with the Government to promote its release as open data.

The group is now a year old and we have many successes to celebrate. We’ve set up a data request mechanism, hosted on, allowing users to request datasets for release as open data. Based on the information the community shares with us, we make the case for new open data releases, based on the economic and social benefits they could realise. Over the last eight months we’ve spearheaded the case for an Open National Address Dataset and achieved new commitments for the release of important datasets, including Historic Price Paid Data from the Land Registry, The VAT Register from HMRC and the Charity Commission’s Register of Charities.

ODUG members are unpaid volunteers who are appointed for a year and we are deeply grateful for their work. It is now time to refresh the membership to give more people a chance to represent the needs of open data users. So, today , we are launching an open application process for membership of ODUG in its second year.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about open data, who have strong business, technology and research skills, and who can encourage a wide range of data users in their sectors to join the discussion.

We intend to meet at least six times a year, generally in London. ODUG members will be expected to contribute to the evidence necessary for the release of data. They will also be asked to represent the group at external events to help us engage with the broadest possible range of stakeholders.

If you are passionate about open data, this is your opportunity to help push the agenda forward.

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More about the work of the Open Data User group (ODUG)

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  1. Comment by weblivz posted on

    Just saw the cut off date was last week 🙁


    Nice idea to open it up - hope you got plenty of responses. Any from Scotland?

    • Replies to weblivz>

      Comment by K.oneal posted on

      It is nice to have a husband, who introduced me to semantic technologies. forRDF, owl, ontologies, linked data, discrete mathematics, and programming languages such as: JavaScript and my favorite The R programming language for statistics.

      This look like a great opportunity for the public sector and citizens to collaborate - potentially linking hidden nodes and networks - for better intelligence analysis and decision making systems, for better applications and research in the sciences.