To Go proudly announces: ' To Go' - a package containing the software for the well-known open data website This allows other governments and open data communities to quickly install and customize a full open data website and develop it further in partnership with the worldwide community.

Although the central components CKAN, Drupal and's custom components have each been open source for several years, few have used them in combination, due to the complexities of set-up. To Go provides an organized way to configure these components to quickly launch a fully-featured open data portal along the lines of To Go builds on the CKAN's data catalogue to provide extra features such as:

  • Blog posts
  • App listing
  • Joint log-in (CKAN+Drupal)
  • Data request mechanism
  • Spam protection
  • Data quality reports
  • Flexible content using Drupal's CMS features

The UK Government has contributed To Go to the world-wide community to kick-start the use and shared development of this open data platform. The UK wants to develop it in partnership with other providers of Open Data portals, through the usual Open Source / Github model of forking, pull requests, issues etc. that everyone is encouraged to contribute to. To Go is located at: (updated 23/7/15 to be master branch, changed from the 'togo' branch)


  1. exstat

    Just to keep up the intellectual level of my comments, was it a Harry Enfield fan who decided to call it Github? 

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    • Dan Smith

      Harry Enfield finds it difficult to get the work these days.

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    • jpswade

      Linus Torvalds once quipped: "I'm an egotistical b@st@rd, and I name all my projects after myself. First 'Linux', now 'git'."

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  2. Enric G. Torrents

    Thanks for sharing, David. It makes it much easier for the rest of us trying to push for open data in other sectors and/or countries.

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  3. anaish

    I'd like to set this up for a demo environment however 24GB of ram seems rather excessive - can the system run with lesser hardware (i.e are there any minimum specs?)

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  4. davidread

    I just wanted to say that I've working with several members of the community on this distribution over the past year and done a refresh just now. It's working well, so do give it a try.

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  5. hengistthenord

    I'm trying to follow the instructions here and elsewhere just shows both my ignorance despite weeks of trying to understand linux and a level of assumption on the part of the writers.

    its all very well saying things but they need explaining first. I get that i need to install git and virtualbox but that needs spelling out, there seem to be so many variants of programs and i still dont know or cant recognise commands from programs.


    When i do

    git clone

    i get Permission denied (publickey) bewildering for me.

    how about someone actually trying to follow these instructions and re-writing them so I can follow them. Its bad enough trying to fathom out even the basics without stuff just not working.




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  6. davidread

    The Estonian national data portal has been live for a few months now, using To Go:

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  7. zlusa

    ' To Go' was used as well for Croatian open data portal - . The portal is launched on March 2015. 

    Source code of Croatian portal is available at 

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  8. Kaushik

    Hello David, thanks for the information. What minimum hardware specifications would you recommend for a new national open data portal based on the data-gov-uk-to-go solution?

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  9. Kaushik

    Do you use a high availability architecture and Anti-malware software on the servers?

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  10. David Read

    It appears the Irish national portal also uses to Go and one for another eastern European country is currently in development.

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