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INSPIRE Benefits for Publishers

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There are more than 4 000 INSPIRE datasets now published on This provides a huge opportunity for spatial data users to start reaping the benefits of INSPIRE. However benefits are not solely enjoyed by data users. Publishers of INSPIRE data, mostly public sector bodies; also stand to benefit from the initiative.

This latest publication explores how data publishers can benefit from INSPIRE. The document covers:

-           General INSPIRE benefits

-           Simple methods that publishers can use to assess and/or measure INSPIRE benefits

-           How publishers can promote INSPIRE services

-           A high-level case study of a data publisher realising early benefits of INSPIRE


This paper sets out the general approach and framework that will be used to assess INSPIRE benefits. We encourage all data publishers to assess the benefits of their INSPIRE data and services, and to share their findings with the wider data community. Sharing success stories will help improve our understanding of INSPIRE datasets and their potential uses. This will create a positive network -effect which will, in turn, amplify the true benefits of INSPIRE in the long term.

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