Local Public Data Panel

As well as the significant drive to open up public data nationally and reference datasets on work is also underway to provide access to local data. A range of organisations including the NHS, education authorities and local councils currently collect large amount of data which can be opened up. As part of the ‘Smarter Government project’ the Prime Minister said

“there are many hundreds more that can be opened up - not only from central government but also from local councils, the NHS, police and education authorities.”

As part of this work Professor Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Deputy Head (Research) of the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton is chairing a panel of experts to oversee the release of this local data. The Local Public Data Panel will champion the release of local public data and information sharing, accelerate progress in agreeing common standards for data released into the public sphere, and for making local public services better understood and more accessible.

The Local Public Data Panel members include:

  • Tim Allen, Programme Director for Analysis and Research, Local Government Association
  • Roger Hampson, Chief Executive of Redbridge
  • Dave Smith, Chief Executive of Sunderland City Council
  • Janet Hughes, Head of Scrutiny and Investigations at the Greater London Authority
  • Jos Creese, Head of IT at Hampshire County Council
  • Nick Aldridge, CEO of Mission Fish UK (eBay for Charity)
  • William Perrin - Government web innovator and community activist
  • Chris Taggart - web developer and founder of

The Local Data Panel met in January 2010 for this first time and will operate for a two year period to the end of 2011. Key aims are to:

  • Ensure understanding of the case for making local public data freely available for re-use
  • Promote innovative uses of local public data
  • Sponsor the further development of a single place on line (‘’) for all public sector data, while meeting the specific needs of the local government sector
  • Encourage agreed standards for greater data and information sharing by local strategic partnerships.


  1. Anonymous

    So what happened at the meeting in January, and what's the forward work programme for the panel?

    In particular, what plans are there to standardise the format of council expenditure data? The data published to date at is in a range of formats and styles, and isn't broadly comparable.


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  2. Anonymous

    The link STILL doesn't work.

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