Project update

Over the election period we have been continuing our work behind the scenes based on your feedback, and we are launching a number of new features to which we hope improves the site for you. team getting involved with the community

We’re really passionate about our work here at, and as part of our program to ensure we’re bringing the community the services and data you want, we spend some time finding interesting events and conferences to spread the open data message to, and highlight how we can help with the open data government is providing on In the last month we have met the community at some really exciting events.

New site changes

Over the last couple of weeks we have continued enhancing the usability of, based on the feedback you have been sending us. In particular you can now view the range of datasets available on the site (now over 3,000) via a tag cloud at; allowing you to quickly see the variety of subject areas available.

May local election results available as open data

One of the Panel's members, Chris Taggart of, has been working hard on a new project to make May local election results available as open data. The Open Election project offers an opportunity to substantially enhance public access to local election results data, allowing it to be easily identified and reused within a variety of contexts.

Local Public Data Panel

As well as the significant drive to open up public data nationally and reference datasets on work is also underway to provide access to local data. A range of organisations including the NHS, education authorities and local councils currently collect large amount of data which can be opened up. As part of the ‘Smarter Government project’ the Prime Minister said

Applications in the news

You may have noted some of the new applications listed on the site, a number of which have been in the news lately.

Of particular note is the ASBOrometer which is a mobile application (iPhone and Android) that measures levels of anti-social behaviour at your current location (within England and Wales) and gives you access to key local ASB statistics. This app was number one in the top free UK iTunes app store last week.

Site changes

Blog design We are continuing to enhance the site design of and make improvements to the site’s usability. In particular you should notice a difference to the presentation of this blog post and the main blog page where the …